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Fostering a lifetime appreciation of music

By being committed to the aesthetic development of every student at PCDS, the music program at PCDS offers ample opportunities to engage in the creation and study of music.

From the earliest ages when students delight in the basic sounds and actions associated with the creation of music, to the in-depth study of vocal, jazz, or strings performance in the Middle School, to the highest-level performances of our Upper School students during concerts, the 40th Street Jazz Club, and Arts Walk, our students' works fill the air of campus with beautiful sounds.

Each music course is comprehensive, including creation, analysis, and performance, as well as the study of historical and cultural context. Discipline, personal responsibility, and goal-setting are emphasized. Cooperation, commitment, and respect for others’ ways of thinking are strengthened through group performance experiences. Singing, playing instruments, improvising, and composing help students learn a variety of ways to express themselves creatively. In order to help students recognize and pursue excellence in their music experiences, instruction is provided in analysis, evaluation, and active listening.

Music is most impactful when shared, and PCDS music performances include Lower School concerts, multiple Middle and Upper School performances by the Jazz Bands, Strings ensembles, and Choirs. Additionally, PCDS musicians participate in annual festivals both in and beyond Arizona to further their artistic development.

Sharing Their Sounds

Through frequent performances, music students build skills and confidence that transcend arts disciplines, but support personal growth well beyond academic areas.