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Visual Arts

Creativity and passion in every endeavor

The Visual Arts Department is an interdisciplinary learning program where students are immersed in the creative process. Students design and create objects and works of art, compose performances, and build environments that investigate the complexities and wonders of the human experience.

The arts curriculum straddles the intersection of art, technology, and design. Students develop critical thinking, problem solving, design skills through making objects, developing new media, collaborating on projects, using state-of-the-art tools, and demonstrating mastery through presentation, portfolio, and performance.

The variety of visual arts courses helps to produce inspired and engaged members of society, ready to address problems with curiosity, creativity, and empathy. PCDS artists of all ages and forms are able to design their futures collaboratively and creatively with proficiency and performance.

Artists at Every Age

All PCDS students take arts coursework, from Lower School art class through the Upper School's eclectic array of arts offerings, with the belief that creativity and expression can be taught and cultivated in every student.