The primary goal of PCDS athletics is to ensure that each child has the opportunity to grow as an athlete and human being— the values of teamwork, persistence, commitment, selflessness, humility, and self-confidence are critical to any great athletics program, and are the core of our PCDS athletic offerings.

“Blue + Gold is the BEST! I love the school pride everyone shows during Spirit Week and at sporting events!” – Senior, Class of 2018


of graduates who continue their sport at NCAA-level
State Soccer Champions

PCDS Varsity Boys’ Soccer won the 2017 2A State Championship in thrilling fashion this year.  The Eagles trailed early in the game and went down a man late in the second half but were soon able to net a goal from Ryan Horlick.  The match went scoreless through overtime periods, and would be decided by penalty kicks.  The Eagles went down early in the shootout after missing their second shot, but keeper Ty Rodin brought the team back on two key saves, capped by the game winning kick by senior Jake Sarver.  The team, coached by PCDS Head of School Andy Rodin, was seeded #4 in the tournament, but went on an incredible run, defeating both the four-time reigning state champions in the semi-finals, and the #2 seed in the championship.    

“This team was resilient and showed grit, despite challenges and missteps,” said Coach (and PCDS Head of School) Andrew Rodin.  “I’m incredibly proud of their hard work all season.”  “This is the School’s ninth varsity state championship in the last ten years,” said Athletic Director Shane Lewis.  “PCDS is a place where kids can get a top-notch education, as well as excel at the highest levels of their sport.”  Congratulations to the student-athletes and coaches for a wonderful season!

College Athletes

Each year, many especially dedicated and talented PCDS student-athletes are recruited to continue their sports at the collegiate level.  Typically, approximately 10% of PCDS seniors will continue to play their chosen sport(s) at the NCAA level.  How has a small, private school with only 280-students had such successes that have opened doors to its student-athletes?  “We have opportunity at PCDS,” says Athletic Director Shane Lewis.  He adds, “If you’re a talented athlete, you have the opportunity to play at the varsity level as a freshman.  You’re not waiting three years on the bench while you wait for older kids to graduate out in front of you.  If you can help the team, you’re on the court or field making a difference.”  

Many recent NCAA-bound graduates were multi-sport athletes at PCDS.  And, at times, especially talented student-athletes have been recruited to play multiple sports in college.  Margaret Loncki ’14, for example, played both soccer and golf at Claremont McKenna College.  And, some students have fully-dedicated themselves to their single sport, balancing both PCDS varsity experiences and year-round work on club teams or offseason workouts in order to improve.  Andrew Ekmark ’16 was often found in the gym lifting weights and shooting hoops with his coaches en route to his commitment to play basketball at Stanford.  While opportunities abound for these student-athletes in their respective sports in college, their academic preparation has also helped open doors at some of the most selective colleges in the country.  In just the last two years, PCDS has college athletes playing at Pomona, Gonzaga, Emory, Brown, Colorado College, Williams, Claremont McKenna College, Stanford, Tufts, and Carleton.  

Multisport Athlete Profile

From the soccer pitch to the basketball court to the baseball field— that was Ty Rodin’s experience throughout Middle School athletics.  A jack-of-all trades athlete, he loved the competition and teamwork skills he developed alongside his friends.  As one of the 85% of Middle School students to participate in PCDS athletics, and the 75% of Middle School students to participate in multiple sports throughout the year, Ty’s learning extended well beyond the classroom during his formative years.  

As he transitioned to the Upper School, he continued with all three sports during freshman and sophomore year, but now as a junior, he has focused on two varsity sports— Soccer and Basketball.  Roughly 60% of PCDS Upper School students are multipart varsity athletes— this is a place where kids can engage throughout the year.  “My experiences playing more than one sport at PCDS have helped me so much,” Ty says.  “I’ve had successes and disappointments, and my bonds with my teammates on both teams are so valuable.  I just love being more than just a soccer player or basketball player… I can add to our community on so many levels.”