Every PCDS senior class shakes a hand, shares a hug, or sometimes sheds a tear with the entire faculty on Daley Bridge during the procession prior to graduation.

“PCDS will never stop pushing its students to help others. They have given us so much, in terms of both skills and opportunities, the least they can ask from us is that we pay it forward.” – Parker Whitfill ’17; University of Chicago ‘21 PCDS Lifer


merit-based scholarship money offered to the graduates of the PCDS Class of 2022
Alumni Artist

Phoenix Country Day School was proud to name Stanley Casselman ’81 as the 2017 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year. Stanley, a graduate of Pitzer College who resides in New York City, is an acclaimed artist whose work has been featured in solo exhibitions from Vienna to Florida to California, and in group exhibitions throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe. Stanley’s work has been favorably reviewed by The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and New York magazine, among other publications.

Stanley’s unique method includes squeegees and sharp metallic blades, which he uses to spread vivid paint colors vertically and horizontally at varying strengths. The PCDS art faculty selected 12 Upper School students to participate in a day-long “Master Class” this past April in which Stanley taught them his innovative technique.

In tandem with challenging academics and a strong athletics program, Phoenix Country Day School values the intellectual and creative growth that can be found within its robust arts programs. The arts at PCDS allows students to explore their creative sides and to grow in their own methods of self expression. We are proud that Stanley’s interest in art began within a Phoenix Country Day School ceramics class taught by Mr. Jim Cook, and we were delighted to honor him for his contributions to the art world and for his support of our students.

Upon reflection of his time back on campus with our students, Stanley shared: “What an experience. I anticipated that it might be fun to return to PCDS to teach a group of students the ABCs of my practice, but it turned out to be a whole lot more. After sharing a few of the basics, the students not only got it, but in each and every case they started to make it their own. My practice is about discovering what’s new, expanding the language of what’s possible through color, line, and form. I didn’t anticipate that I’d see results tantamount to reinventing what I’d pioneered, but across the board they produced beautiful and completely original works.  I had no idea of the joy I could feel watching and assisting another to discover and create. I can’t wait to do it again! Amazing kids. Amazing experience!”

PCDS Lifers

These members of the PCDS Class of 2017 attended Phoenix Country Day School from pre-k through their senior year.

Back row, left to right: Aaron Ossias, Alexa Portigal, Adam Cherilla, David Farca. Kneeling: Nick Meath, Max Johnson, Parker Whitfill

“Being a lifer at PCDS is about having a second family— one that loves, supports, and challenges you. I know without PCDS I could not have become the person I am today, and though I am physically leaving campus, I know I will always be a part of the community that helped raise me.”
- Max Johnson ’17; University of Chicago ‘21

A Global Impact

Phoenix Country Day School graduates are uniquely prepared to make an impact on college campuses far and wide.

Over the last four years, PCDS has graduated 241 students who are currently matriculated at 101 colleges and universities. This group includes 23 collegiate athletes, 28 first-generation college-bound students, and multiple merit-based scholarship recipients.

Geographic distribution of PCDS graduates for the last four years:  

26% — In-State (Arizona State University or University of Arizona) 
25% — East Coast 
25% — West Coast 
16%— South
5% — Midwest
3% — International