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Congratulations Class of 2018

On their last day of classes, here's to the PCDS Class of 2018: Best of luck, seniors, at the following colleges next year! 70 students, 51 different destinations, one home: PCDS.

MS Speech & Debate Shines at Tournament of Champions

Last weekend, the PCDS Middle School Speech & Debate team competed at the Middle School Tournament of Champions at the University of Kentucky against 35 schools from 17 states and 5 countries. 22 PCDS 8th graders competed over the course of several days, and PCDS was crowned the top speech team at the tournament and won 2nd place overall speech & debate team at the tournament!

Congratulations to the team and the following individual finishes at the tournament:

Congressional Debate:
2nd place: Kiahn Tehranchi
3rd place: Tristan Brigham
5th place: Ted Pham
Finalist: Halley Moran
Finalist: Sedona Korzay
Finalist: Alexander Nistor

Dramatic Interpretation:
CHAMPION: Yash Wadwekar
2nd place: Clark Louis
3rd place: Siena Liljegren
4th place: Sai Vadnerkar
5th place: Kirtana Roopan
6th place: Vishrut Chaurasia

Duo Interpretation:
CHAMPIONS: Sai Vadnerkar & Lucas Oland
2nd place: Ujji Bathla & Clark Louis
3rd place: Siena Liljegren and Tanti Felli
5th place: Wade Hunter and Kirtana Roopan
6th place: Elliot Wessel and Charlie Nassar

Humorous Interpretation:
3rd place: Yash Wadwekar
5th place: Kirtana Roopan
6th place: Wade Hunter

Oral Interpretation of Prose & Poetry:
CHAMPION: Siena Liljegren
2nd place: Yash Wadwekar
3rd place: Lucas Oland
4th place: Elliot Wessel
5th place: Mirabel Bienert
6th place: Clark Louis
*Just short of advancing was Jack Dahl

Original Oratory:
CHAMPION: Yash Wadwekar
3rd place: Mirabel Bienert
5th place: Elliot Wessel
6th place: Ujji Bathla

Congratulations to our "Lifers" who came to PCDS in Pre-K or Kindergarten! It's been a wonderful experience for these seniors, from incredible teachers to many amazing memories shared together. Many thanks to each of you and your families for the impact you've made through the Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School!

As a part of Teacher Appreciation week, ABC's The View featured this segment today: Panelist Meghan McCain reflected fondly about her time at PCDS before being surprised by her former PCDS Middle School teacher Erik Weihenmayer on the show! They reminisced about their time at PCDS and the influential role all teachers play in students' lives!