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Eagle Athletics Winter Highlights

Congratulations to Coach Andy McKean for being named 3A Central Region Coach of the Year.


Girls Basketball
State Playoff Qualifier!

  • All Conference 1st Team: Nara Kaibara
  • All Conference Honorable Mention: Eesha Narwani
  • All Region Player of the Year: Nara Kaibara
  • All Region 1st Team: Nara Kaibara, Eesha Narwani
  • All Region 2nd Team: Kimi Cahoon
  • All Region Honorable Mention: Ella Brenes, Manya Madala

Boys Basketball
State Playoff Quarterfinals!

  • All Conference Player of the Year: Will Miraglia
  • All Conference 1st Team: Will Miraglia, Tanti Felli
  • All Region Player of the Year: Will Miraglia
  • All Region Defensive Player of the Year: Tanti Felli
  • All Region 1st Team: Will Miraglia, Tanti Felli
  • All Region 2nd Team: Kiahn Tehranchi
  • All Region Honorable Mention: Ben Brodsky, Sam Tepper, Samuel Steiner

Girls Soccer
State Playoff Qualifier!

  • All Conference 2nd Team: Alex Xanthos
  • All Conference Honorable Mention: Ryan Schumacher, Anna Sabol
  • All Region 1st Team: Ryan Schumacher, Alex Xanthos, Anna Sabol
  • All Region 2nd Team: Hailey DeMark, Justine Money, Sammie McKee
  • All Region Honorable Mention: Ciara Rethore, Charlotte Sevrain

Boys Soccer
3A Playoff Runner-Up!
3A Metro North Region Champs!

  • All Conference 1st Team: Speed Gregory
  • All Conference Honorable Mention: Devin Bansal, Jonah Kaplan, Alex Sondergaard
  • All Region Player of the Year: Speed Gregory
  • All Region 1st Team: Speed Gregory, Alex Sondergaard, Jonah Kaplan, Devin Bansal
  • All Region 2nd Team: Adam Burns, Ely Brayboy
  • All Region Honorable Mention: Jayce Huskey, Ben Marsden
Eagle Athletics Winter Highlights