The MAVERICK Speaker Series is honored to host visionaries and trailblazers who, like Senator McCain (P‘03, ‘04, ‘07, ‘10, G‘10), have blazed their own trails in the world.

The inaugural MAVERICK Speaker Series event, featuring special guest Cindy McCain

In front of a crowd of over 600 community members including students, parents, faculty, alumni, and guests, Mrs. McCain was joined on stage by former Arizona Attorney General (and Senator John McCain's first-ever Chief of Staff) Grant Woods for a wide-ranging conversation that spanned topics including Mrs. McCain's focus on human rights, climate change, education, and the importance of character and optimism.  Commenting on her husband's presidential bid in 2008, Mrs. McCain said, "If you haven't had the opportunity, especially to the students in the room, to read John's concession speech in 2008, I suggest you pull it up... he framed what this country was: we can agree to disagree, we can fight like cats and dogs, but remain friends.  It was about honor, courage, and dignity for both candidates."

A common theme throughout the evening was how an intrepid spirit can make a difference in Arizona and beyond, just as we aim for our School community to be a positive force for change.  Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods remarked, "John McCain defines this series, MAVERICK.  He was the embodiment of service to a cause greater than yourself."  

Finally, Mrs. McCain shared her gratitude for being the inaugural MAVERICK speaker:  "My husband would have been so honored to have this and I'm so glad that it's here at PCDS. What a wonderful opportunity for you to have your children at this wonderful school; it certainly provided the opportunities that our children have now.  I hope you understand that and respect it." 

Conversation with Grant Woods and Cindy McCain Full Video