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Endowment Funds

Endowment funds are the savings account of the School. 

Endowments provide a steady and predictable form of support and offer financial stability for the School. The principal of the fund is preserved, and income generated through careful investment can be directed to the School’s budget each year with distributions from the fund supporting a specific purpose or program.

Currently, endowment funding accounts for over 2% of PCDS’ operating budget. Our endowments help keep tuition increases low and make an immediate impact on the quality of education at PCDS.

Endowment Priorities

As outlined in our Strategic Plan, we believe that a first-rate education is a precious investment, and that we have a responsibility as a school to follow sound financial practices for both the short- and long-term. As we enter our seventh decade, we will deliberately focus on growing the PCDS endowment through philanthropy, planned giving, well-advised investment strategies, and prudent business practices to ensure that the profound impact of a PCDS education will be available for generations to come.

  • Continue conservative and transparent financial policies that enable us to stay true to our core, bolstered in part by a strong annual fund and tax credit program
  • Enhance endowment funding through a special focus on planned giving
  • Educate all constituents, including faculty and staff, on the endowment’s role in a thriving independent school

Existing Endowments

Generous donors over many decades have made gifts to establish endowment funds at Phoenix Country Day School. All of these gifts provide important funding that will continue to support the School for decades to come, ensuring that the PCDS tradition of excellence continues.

Please see below for a list of PCDS’ existing endowments. Those interested in contributing to a current fund, or establishing a new fund, can contact Director of Development Ryan Joyce at (602) 955-8200 x 2310.

The value of PCDS pooled endowment funds as of January 2021 was $32 million.
The School's finance committee oversees the investment and management of the funds and distributes funds to the School annually based on a distribution policy set by the Board of Trustees.