Summer Programs 2018
Non-Credit Courses

Session 1: June 11 - June 22
Session 2: June 25 - July 6 (special July 4 program)
Session 3: July 9 - July 20
Classes meet Monday – Thursday
Friday K-8 attendees choose from a variety of camp activities

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3 Agamographs, Origami and Paper Crafts (4-6)
Challenge your creative spirit as you create agamographs - a series of images that change from different angles - and explore a variety of paper crafts.
Instructor: Julie Larrea
1 2 3 Algebra I Preview (7-9)
Designed for students preparing to enter Algebra I in the fall, this course touches on the introductory topics of Algebra I, such as solving multi-step equations, simplifying algebraic expressions, graphing in the coordinate plane, linear functions and exponents. The course has a strong emphasis on teaching students to organize their written work. Applications of fractions and decimals are included.
Instructor: Keely Franklin
1 2 3 Animation Inspiration (2-4)
Engaging lessons inspire the inner artist as students expand their creativity and technology skills. Students explore the Animation-ish program and develop animation projects relevant to age-appropriate topics.
Instructors: Staff, Ben Steiner, Reed Steiner
1 Anime through Drawing and Painting (6-9)
Students will explore Anime by creating their own characters and applying media to their design work. Students will be encouraged to use various drawing and paint media. Each student will walk away with several completed Anime works.
Instructor: Denise Sours
1 2 Archery (5-8)
Students learn the physical, emotional, and social benefits of archery, and the history, safety strategies, skills, and techniques necessary to participate in and enjoy the sport as a lifetime activity.
Instructors: Duane Freeman, Jacob Kelty
1 2 3 Art of Play (K)
Summer is a time to be creative, discover the wonders of your senses, and connect with your natural curiosity. In this playful class, rising kindergartners explore in the areas of art, science, and music. Through hands-on work and rich sensorial experiences, students are encouraged to use their senses and whole body in work and play. Time is set aside each day for small group practice with writing, number concepts, Jolly Phonics, and beginning reading. Dress for a mess, although paint shirts are provided. Exploration materials include clay, paper, paints, glue, fabric, water, and other natural materials!
Instructors: Kelly Blackson, Kelli Newsome, Pam Gagner, Claire Tyra
1 2 3 Basketball (4-9)
Boys and girls have the opportunity to focus on improving skills, game strategies, and teamwork. Instruction is organized and managed by experienced coaches who utilize drills, small group activities, and scrimmages in order to make classes educational and fun. Each class takes place in the air-conditioned gym.
Instructor: Amp Lee
1 3 Beginning String Music (3-6)
Beginning strings is an opportunity for students to learn the basics of playing from the family of the four stringed instruments. Violin, viola, cello and upright bass. Each student will have the opportunity to play, learn note reading and listen to the sounds of stringed instruments. Additional fee for the two-week rental of an instrument.
Materials fee: $25
Instructor: Maurine Fleming
1 2 Cake Decorating Introduction (6-8)
In this introduction to cake decorating class, students will learn how to make and tint icing, fill a decorating bag, and pipe a variety of decorations, including leaves, flowers, and shells. Students will practice their skills on cupcakes, and decorate a cake for their final project.
Instructor: Hannah Willis
2 3 Cardboard Challenge (6-9)
Armed with cardboard, duct tape, hot glue and imagination, students will create a cardboard arcade, following the inspiration of Caine's Arcade (see YouTube).
Instructor: Brent Root
1 Cardmaking (5-8)
Students learn how to make various types of cards, including thank you and birthday cards, using scrapbooking paper, stamps, embossing powder, glitter, and other materials. Students learn fun crafting techniques and complete the class with their own handmade cards to send.
Instructor: Kaitlan Cady
1 2 Ceramics (6-9)
Students will work with clay to create original sculptures using pinch, slab, and coiling methods. Students will also learn the clay process and identify clay tools and techniques. Each student will have the opportunity to paint their creations and take them home to showcase.
Instructor: Denise Sours
1 2 3 Cheerleading (2-8)
Cheerleading is an enthusiastic and dynamic sport that promotes teamwork and school spirit. Students will learn basic cheers, kicks, and jumps while having a fun time along with their peers.
Instructor: Meyla Milian-Sanchez
1 2 3 Chess Camp (2-4, 5-8)
Learn to play the ancient game of chess or improve current skills. This fascinating game, with elements of art, science, and competition is played all over the world, including thousands of games daily on the Internet. Join the international world of chess and learn from a master.
Instructor: Ryan Coffelt
1 2 3 Chess Match (2-8)
This chess class will focus on practicing your skills with match play. Students will be paired together to experience the excitement of the competition.
Instructor: Ryan Coffelt
1 2 3 Comic Kids (4-8)
Campers will create their own comic books utilizing online software to develop various stories, characters and fantasy worlds. This is a fun, creative class where campers work at their own pace to create stories along with original computer-generated characters or stock characters such as The Hulk, Falcon and Wolverine. At the end of the session campers will have compiled their own comic books to take home.
Instructor: Lisa Butkiewicz
1 2 3 Cooking with Robyn (3-5)
Learn how to cook and bake everyday items that you can make by yourself for your family. Taught in the PCDS kitchen by a professional chef, students cook and enjoy eating what they make each day--and sometimes even take yummy dishes home to share!
Materials fee: $20
Instructors: Robyn Kunze, Johana Bautista, Robyn Kunze
3 Create Your Own Podcast (4-6)
This is an opportunity to share what you're most passionate about with the world as you script, record, and edit your very own podcast.
Instructor: Julie Larrea
1 2 Creative Mind - STEM & Inventors Workshop (2-4)
Turn your imagination into reality! During the first week, students will conduct a series of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities to better understand our physical world. Then during the second week, students will become inventors and problem solvers. First, they will find a problem, small or big, then they will generate ideas and design a model. Finally they will create and turn their ideas into a real prototype! Bring: creative thoughts and positive attitude!
Instructor: Maki Fullerton
1 2 3 Crochet Creations (5-8)
Students will learn the basics of crochet through various creations ranging from bowls to hats to dolls. Students with more advanced skills will explore projects with different mediums.
Instructor: Lindsey Leidinger
2 3 CSI Phoenix (5-6)
Students will learn how to process crime scenes and learn about the importance of physical evidence in investigations. Topics Include: Fingerprints, Footwear, Tire Tracks and much more!
Instructor: Katherine Stang
1 DIGI-COM: Digital Comedy Shorts (5-8)
From Key and Peele to Saturday Night Live, the sketch comedy world is moving to digital shorts. If you love comedy and love film making, then you will love this class.
Instructor: Duane Freeman
1 2 3 Digital Art (4-6)
Do you Like to draw but don't want to use paper? This just might be the class for you. Or, take your drawings and recreate them digitally make them pop of the screen and into an exciting digital image. Digital art focuses not on photography but your artistic talents into a digital form.
Instructor: Peter Pagnotta
1 2 Digital Photography Introduction (6-9)
Students take photos using digital cameras, and then image the files using Adobe Photoshop on Apple computers. This class gives students the basic skills necessary to create, edit, and produce their own photographs for digital or print-based media. Also covered are the basic, most useful aspects of Photoshop for beginning photographers. Student's own camera is helpful but not required. No prior experience required.
Instructor: Krista Tomlin
1 2 3 Drawing (4-6)
Students will learn the fundamentals of drawing sill-life objects in a realistic form. Students will explore the drawing concepts of proportion, shading and textures. Sketchbook provided.
Instructor: Lindsey Cherilla
1 Edible Math (2-3)
Using all their senses, students will explore math concepts using edible manipulatives, allowing them to be hands on with touch, sound, sight, smell, and best of all taste. This class will give a whole new meaning to "crunching numbers". Using math literature books such as One Hundred Hungry Ants (division), Each Orange had 8 Slices (multiplication), Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar Fractions Book and more, students will explore applicable math concepts tying literature with the senses. Students will also build upon critical thinking skills with activities such as gumdrop engineering with 3D shapes. Learning math has never tasted so good!
Instructor: Joey Ghelfi
2 3 Engineering Structures (7-9)
Discover what makes some things stand up and other things fall down while building towers, bridges, and buildings.
Instructor: Jack Swett
3 Filming TV Commercials (6-9)
Have you ever watched a TV commercial and said "I could do better than that"? In this class you'll work in small groups to design, write, direct, film, and edit your own TV commercials, selling products of your own choosing, whether real or made-up.
Instructor: Brent Root
2 3 First Grade Fun (1)
Hop into First Grade with our Frog and Toad Friends! Classic Frog and Toad stories will serve as inspiration for this class. Students will have the opportunity to brush up on reading skills, sprinkle in some math practice, and top it off with loads of creative projects. This self-contained class is designed for the rising first grade student.
Instructors: Katie Erickson, Victoria Lewkowitz
3 Food Chemistry (5-6)
Students explore basic concepts related to food and nutrition by setting up their own classroom lab and performing their own physical and chemical tests to identify the presence of starch, glucose, fats, and proteins in various food samples. In a final challenge of their lab skills, students apply their knowledge of nutrients and chemical tests to analyze the nutritional components of a marshmallow. Students will learn to use the food pyramid, interpret food labels, and choose healthy foods.
Instructor: Toni Hall
2 3 Forensic Science: Evidence and the Investigation (7-9)
Students will learn the value of physical evidence in the crime laboratory. Topics include: fingerprints, DNA, trace evidence and much more!
Instructor: Katherine Stang
1 2 3 Fraction Action (3-5)
This hands-on, visual, activity-based course will focus on naming and comparing fractions, fractions that make one whole, operations with fractions, equivalent fractions, and fractions greater than one. A great way to develop a deeper understanding and fluency with fractions.
Instructor: Lindsey Leidinger
1 2 3 Fractured Fairy Tales (4-6)
Fractured Fairy Tales is a writing class for students who love writing and enjoy reading fairy tales. Campers will take various fairy tales and change certain aspects of each story. Some changes may include: telling the fairy tale from another point of view, re-working the language to update it, changing some of the events, switching good and evil characters around, changing the setting to modernize the story, mentioning and incorporating characters from other fairy tales and other fun and unique changes. This is a highly creative workshop and will include illustrating each fairy tale. Campers will create a book over the 2 week session to take home.
Instructor: Lisa Butkiewicz
1 French Tour (4-6, 7-9)
Come visit France and her various regions and follow world renowned "Tour de France". The famous bicycle race takes viewers and competitors alike through the beautiful regions of France while engaged in a race for the gold (shirt that is). We will discover gastronomy, architecture, art, dance, and movies following this fabulous event and their competitors through the various roads and regions of France. Along the way we will learn cultural aspects of each region and with interesting facts about this historical race.
Instructor: Florence Solves
1 2 3 Fun with Geometry (7-9)
This project-based class will help students explore geometric topics and see that geometry patterns are all around us. Projects include creating 3D shapes like prisms and octahedrons with toothpicks and marshmallows, creating an "eyeball" from parabolic curves, and creating artistic designs using tessellations.
Instructor: Keely Franklin
1 2 3 Funtastic Science (2-4)
Students conduct fun scientific experiments to explore the worlds of chemistry, physics, and life and earth sciences. Each day, students conduct a simple, hands-on experiment to stimulate the curious mind and discover new ways to look at our world.
Instructor: Ariel Baber
1 2 3 Games for the Mind and Body (6-9)
Fun with a purpose! Class time is used primarily to play games such as Taboo, Charades, Word Association, and other games of expression and quick thought to help students develop confidence, problem-solving abilities, verbal and physical expression, humor skills, social interactions, and more. Explore the importance of taking "safe risks," accepting and celebrating mistakes, and expanding avenues of communication, all of which can be valuable life skills. It sounds serious, but is centered on fun and a lot of healthy game playing.
Instructor: Keith Burns
2 3 Get Your Dance On! (2-5)
Dance brings out the best in children, exploring new ways of expression, creative problem solving, rhythm and fun. Our first week we will explore different dance styles including: ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, musical theater and choreography, learning technique and the essential distinctives of each style. For the second week, the dancers will help choose two styles for our focus, all building toward a fantastic, final "number!" The class will challenge dancers to explore new motor, creative and thinking skills crucial for both dance and life. Join us and... get your Dance on!
Instructor: Duffy Gibb
1 2 Golf (4-8)
Bet you never thought learning to play golf with your friends could be this fun! Students explore the fascinating fundamentals of the golf swing, such as proper grip, posture, and alignment—everything you need to find the right position to hit the golf ball consistently. Learn tips to develop the self-confidence to self-correct your golf swing when problems arise. Start growing your lifelong passion for the greatest game ever played.
Instructor: Pete Helmbock
1 Gotta Dance! (2-3)
Do you like to dance? Do you like to make up your own dances? In this class you will learn choreography to popular songs as well as get your creative juices flowing and make up some of your own moves on your own or with your friends!
Instructor: Nicole Garber
1 2 3 Grammar Time! (7-9)
Who says grammar has to be boring? This fast-paced refresher course will help students look at grammar in a whole new light. Students will create interactive notebooks, view video clips, and even examine song lyrics as they brush up on their grammar skills. Jingles and question and answer flow patterns will solidify parts of speech within each student as if by magic.
Instructor: Michael Gordon-Smith
1 2 3 How Pinterest-ing! (3-6)
Students will make one project each day in this creative and exciting class! Students have fun with activities like making "sushi" out of candy and creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece to hang in their room. Using tools from paints to measuring pints, students experience hands-on work and add their own creative spin to everything they make.
Instructors: Tyler Barfield, Phillip West, Staff
1 2 3 Hurray for Clay! (2-4)
Lions and tigers and bears of clay, oh my! In this class, students explore the wonders of clay as they make imaginary creatures and fantastic objects. They learn how to form and sculpt creations by using the three hand-building techniques - pinch, coil, and slab. Students also learn simple painting techniques to finish their works of art.
Instructors: Maurine Fleming, Staff
1 2 Ikebana (6-9)
Students will learn about the traditional art of Japanese flower arrangements. Ikebana history will be presented and various types of Ikebana. Each student will decide what type of Ikebana represents them best, as well as explore range of objects, media, and plants in creating arrangements for compositions. Students will have opportunities to bring home completed floral or plant arrangements.
Instructor: Denise Sours
1 2 3 Introduction to Academic Writing (7-9)
Worried about writing well in high school and beyond? If you do, this course will provide you with the foundation for constructing well-research and well-argued academic writing assignments. Students will be introduced to effective methods for writing academic introductions, body paragraphs, and concluding statements. Students will also learn the basics of research and effectively written argumentation.
Instructor: Michael Gordon-Smith
2 Japanese Please - Nihongo de! (3-6)
Students will explore how to write and speak basic Japanese language, as well as learn about Japanese traditions and pop culture through fun activities, such as calligraphy, origami, and games.
Instructor: Maki Fullerton
1 2 Keyboarding (4-8)
Using fun and interactive programs, students set their own speed and accuracy goals to improve their keyboarding technique. Skills are put to the test at the end of the session when students type the summary of a movie with hands covered. Each lesson's printout shows progress and demonstrates speed and accuracy improvements, which helps to build each student's keyboarding confidence.
Instructor: Pete Helmbock
1 Kids Yoga and Fun (2-3)
Through engaging yoga games and activities children learn breathing techniques, yoga poses and sequences, and mindfulness in a fun, nurturing, and non-competitive environment.
Instructor: Nicole Nielsen
3 Kites, Rockets, Gliders, and More! (2-3, 4-6)
In this project-based class, students will learn about the four forces that affect things that fly: thrust, drag, lift and gravity. Students will construct kites, rockets, gliders (and more!) with everyday materials such as paper, wooden dowels, trash bags, paper plates, cups and straws.
Instructor: Gary Alpert
2 3 LEGO City (3-5)
Students will engage their creativity, curiosity and problem solving through the building of a LEGO city. Students will work together to decide what buildings the city needs and how to create them, becoming small-scale urban planners as they execute their designs.
Instructors: Ben Steiner, Reed Steiner
1 2 3 Lego Mindstorm Robotics (6-9)
In this class, you will design, build, and program robots that can navigate obstacle courses and respond to sensors. Once you master the basics of programming, you will compete in challenges such as The Maze, Barrel Races, Slam Dunk Contest, and Tug-o-War, and Battle Bots. Not recommended for the faint of heart!
Instructors: Jack Swett, Brent Root
1 2 3 Math Puzzles, Patterns, and Connections (5-8)
Tour the world of mathematics, using middle school skills, looking for patterns in sequences and connections between new problems, old problems, and the world around us. Students look at classic problems, famous numbers, and the rich relationships between seemingly different problems. This course enriches the mathematical experience and enhances students' appreciation for the wonders of mathematics.
Instructor: Keely Franklin
1 2 3 Math: Add It Up! (2-3)
This course strengthens the student's conceptual understanding of mathematics and provides ample time for drill and review. A complement to the regular mathematics curriculum, it's specifically designed to consolidate the mathematics skills that students need to proceed to the next level.
Instructor: Ariel Baber
1 2 3 Math: Manipulations (4-6)
This course provides practice working with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. Students work individually and in small groups on skill review and problem-solving activities. A diagnostic test on the first day identifies each student's individual needs.
Instructors: Kristine Stevens, Natalie Troadec
1 2 3 Mathopolis (5-7)
Students will try to defend the city of Mathopolis from invading Math Monsters. Through an interactive story, students will reinforce their computational skills, specifically covering decimals and conversions between decimals, fractions, and percents.
Instructor: Lindsey Leidinger
1 2 3 Minecraft Challenge (4-6)
Minecraft Challenge is for students who have a Mojang account and enjoy creating worlds in Minecraft. Challenges will include replicating famous buildings in the Minecraft world. Students will plan and manage their time as they build their masterpieces, and present their work to the class.
Instructor: Peter Pagnotta
1 2 3 Multiplication Mania (3-5)
This game-based class uses a variety of fun and fast paced activities to help students learn multiplication tables and commit them to memory. The class focuses solely on multiplication, numbers 0-12. Students have both guided and independent practice. In this non-competitive class, the goal is to have 100 percent proficiency and lots of fun! Prizes awarded daily.
Instructors: Kristine Stevens, Natalie Troadec
1 3 Music Fundamentals (3-6)
Students share in many aspects of musical performance including rhythm, melody, harmony, and notation in a fun and relaxed environment. No instruments needed.
Instructor: Maurine Fleming
3 Musical Theatre (2-4, 5-8)
This "playful" class is for students who want to learn about dancing, singing, and acting. Students learn basic dance steps, vocal exercises to strengthen the diaphragm and encourage proper breathing, and acting exercises and games to strengthen the ability to become a character using facial and body expression. Students learn these disciplines in the style of Broadway shows or current movie musicals. The goal is to increase presence and confidence for the stage and daily life.
Instructor: Karen Burns
2 Painting (6-9)
Student will explore paint through the use of watercolor and tempera paint. Students will explore various painting surfaces, and work with other media that can be incorporated into their artwork. Each student will have the chance have fun and create painted artworks.
Instructor: Denise Sours
1 2 3 Photoshop 101 (4-6)
Have you ever wondered how to make someone old look young? Does that dog really fly or has it been Photoshopped? This is the class for you. In Photoshop 101, learn the basics of photoshop and have fun making your photos look great.
Instructors: Krista Tomlin, Peter Pagnotta
1 2 Photoshop Styles and Techniques (7-9)
Students will learn how to add effects to their digital photos. Photographs will be altered by making an image look vintage, applying color, creating multiple exposure, adding water effects, including text, creating 3D effects, changing eye color, and more.
Instructor: Krista Tomlin
1 2 Reader's Theater (2-4, 3-5)
Reader's Theater is a literacy activity in which students read directly from scripts to tell a story in the most creative way possible without using props, costumes, or sets. Students are encouraged to be creative and use all of their dramatic reading skills to bring the script to life. Reader's Theater promotes fluency, comprehension, and cooperative learning.
Instructor: Nicole Garber
1 Reading is Fun(damental) (2-3)
Students will have fun using oral reading, choral reading, and comprehension exercises to practice essential reading skills.
Instructor: Natalie Troadec
2 3 Robot Fun: Program and Play (4-6)
Students will learn about the "Ozobot", a tiny robot that reads colors and responds with different movements. Ozobot follows the instructions that students create to make it advance, retreat, spin, speed up, dance, and more. Students will learn logic and basic coding skills through fun, creative and social games.
Instructors: Ben Steiner, Reed Steiner
1 2 Rocketry (6-9)
Ever wondered how rockets fly? Join this class and you'll learn how to build, paint and launch solid fuel engine rockets that travel up to 1,000 feet in the air at speeds up to 400 mph! We'll also build and launch water bottle rockets. Class fee covers all materials.
Materials fee: $20
Instructors: Jack Swett, Brent Root
1 2 3 Simple Electronics (7-9)
Learn the basic principles of electronics and electrical safety while building a variety of electronic circuits and learning how to operate basic electronic devices.
Instructor: Jack Swett
1 2 Sing and Dance (2-4, 5-8)
This upbeat class teaches Broadway-style dance and show-stopping stage presence with a focus on learning song-and-dance numbers from a variety of musical productions, past and present. A great class for aspiring Broadway stars!
Instructor: Karen Burns
1 2 3 Soccer (5-8)
Summer Soccer class will improve fundamental skills through drills and games. The class will focus on playing soccer in a fun, stress-free environment. The class will primarily be indoors, and tennis shoes are required. Soccer balls and water will be provided.
Instructor: Amp Lee
1 2 Spanish Ninos (2-5)
The first step to learning a language is to become comfortable with oral communication. This course focuses on listening and speaking skills for beginning and intermediate students of Spanish. Fun, technology-based activities are used to reinforce and expand students' real-life communication skills. If time permits, the class will review grammar and reading lessons.
Instructor: Alvaro Otalora
1 2 Spanish Ole (6-8)
The first step to learning a language is to become comfortable with oral communication. This course focuses on listening and speaking skills for beginning and intermediate students of Spanish. Fun, technology-based activities are used to reinforce and expand students' real-life communication skills. If time permits, the class will review grammar and reading lessons.
Instructor: Alvaro Otalora
1 2 3 Stop Motion Animation (4-6)
Write an original script, or recreate an old favorite, as you design, stage, film and edit a 3 to 5 minute stop motion animation movie
Instructor: Julie Larrea
2 Stories of My Life (2-4)
Do you often wonder, "What should I write about?" There are so many wonderful small moments from our lives that could fill the pages of storybooks. Come and learn how to zoom in on a few of those moments and enrich your writing with descriptive and beautiful literary language.
Instructor: Nicole Garber
1 Story of My Life (3-5)
Do you want to learn about where you came from? Do you want to think about your future? In this class you will write your own autobiography. You will do some research about your life from when you were born through what you would like to do in the future. You will walk away with a printed and illustrated book of your life!
Instructor: Nicole Garber
1 Surf's Up! (1-2)
Have fun while reinforcing reading, math, writing, and research skills. The beach theme lends itself to a relaxed and productive learning experience. Students "surf" between classes in small groups "pooled" with daily hands-on projects, snacks, and free-choice activities. Individual support provided on a regular basis by three of the most-experienced PCDS elementary school faculty members.
Instructors: Karen Bruntz, Cindy Davis, Evelyne Macrodimitris
1 2 3 Swim and Pool Games (2-8)
Through various drills, students work to improve skills on the four main strokes, with proper technique, safety, and fun emphasized. Also included is an introduction to turns and pace clock use. Games include water polo, pool basketball, swimming races, tag, Marco Polo, and Treasure Hunt. All games are designed to encourage exercise and teamwork and develop students' swimming skills.
Instructor: Jake Rodin
1 3 Tennis (2-8)
This class is designed for everyone from beginners to advanced players. Kids are split into groups based on age and ability and develop hand-eye coordination and stroke technique through instruction, games, and having fun!!! Class consists of warm-up, condition drills, stroke techniques, match play, and much more! Students should wear sunscreeen and a hat, and have a water bottle each day.
Instructor: Jerry Keever
1 2 3 Theater Improvisation (6-9)
This class offers instruction and practice in the skills needed for comedy improvisation. Listening, quick thinking, character development, and scene building techniques are developed through exercises, games, and improvisational scene work. Perfect for students with interest in the performing arts, this class also helps develop acting skills in addition to improvisation. No experience necessary.
Instructor: Keith Burns
1 Ultimate Frisbee (5-9)
Whether you are a pro or a newcomer to the game, come have fun playing this exciting co-ed team sport.
Instructor: Patrick McHonett
1 2 3 Volleyball (4-8)
Boys and girls have the opportunity to focus on improving skills, game strategies, and teamwork. Instruction is organized and managed by experienced coaches who utilize drills, small group activities, and scrimmages in order to make classes educational and fun. Each class takes place in the air-conditioned gym.
Instructor: Jacob Kelty
1 2 3 Watercolor Whimsy (2-4)
Unleash the creative painter within in this introduction and exploration of watercolors. In this class, students learn the art of creating watercolor images straight onto paper, drawing and then watercoloring, and exploring how colors change based on the amount of water used. Students will bring home a final portfolio of their work. If you enjoy painting or want to learn more about watercolors, this class is for you!
Materials fee: $10
Instructor: Meyla Milian-Sanchez
1 2 3 Wood Shop! (7-9)
Students will learn the basics of wood-working, safety protocols, use of tools, and construction as they create their own take-home piece of craftsmanship.
Instructor: Keith Burns
1 2 3 Writers' Workshop (4-6)
Designed for students who wish to refine their writing skills and prepare for the demands of later, more advanced work, this course reinforces grammatical principles, standards of correct usage, editing, and vocabulary development. Through the use of daily journals, expository prose, and exercises in writing for argument, students learn the process and form of good writing.
Instructor: Lisa Butkiewicz
1 2 3 Writing Short Stories (7-10)
By reading published short stories and writing their own, students learn how to write with conciseness and purpose. Students explore how to weave character development and tight plot structure into a brief tale. Writing workshops allow for teacher critiques and peer feedback on each student's piece.
Instructor: Michael Gordon-Smith
1 Writing Wonders (2-3)
Students will write in a variety of genres to help foster a love of writing. Daily prompts will facilitate brainstorming, and students will work alone and with partners to generate writing ideas, identify important parts of a story, learn to use colorful words, develop good story beginnings and endings, and improve their spelling skills. Daily writing and illustrating activities will culminate in a booklet to go home at the end of the session.
Instructor: Natalie Troadec