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Summer Programs 2024
Non-Credit Courses

Session 1: June 3 - June 14
Session 2: June 17 - June 28
Classes meet Monday – Thursday
Friday K-8 attendees will choose from a variety of camp activities

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• Numbers in parentheses indicate the targeted entering grades.
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12  Art of Play (K)
Summer is a time to be creative, discover the wonders of your senses, and connect with your natural curiosity. In this playful class, rising kindergartners explore in the areas of art, science, and music. Through hands-on work and rich sensorial experiences, students are encouraged to use their senses and whole body in work and play. Time is set aside each day for small group practice with writing, number concepts, Jolly Phonics, and beginning reading. Dress for a mess, although paint shirts are provided. Exploration materials include clay, paper, paints, glue, fabric, water, and other natural materials!
Instructors: Sasha Eden, Edith Grensky, Kelli Newsome, Claire Stephens
12  AZ Wilderness (6-9)
In AZ Wilderness we will take a look at all the flora and fauna in our backyard, the Sonoran desert. Not only will you learn about the wild desert wilderness, but also engage in team building activities and learn wilderness survival skills!
Instructor: Jackie Nord
1   Babysitter's Training with CPR and First Aid (5-8)
This course will provide boys and girls who are planning to babysit the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and responsibly give care for children and infants. This training will help participants to develop a babysitting business, keep themselves and others safe and help children behave; and learn about basic child care. The course also includes CPR and First Aid certification.
Materials fee: $25
Instructor: Katie Charles
12  Basketball (2-4, 4-9)
Boys and girls have the opportunity to focus on improving skills, game strategies, and teamwork. Instruction is organized and managed by experienced coaches who utilize drills, small group activities, and scrimmages in order to make classes educational and fun. Each class takes place in the air-conditioned gym.
Instructors: Andre Gibson-Starks, Nikki Gomez, Carlos Vicuna
12  Chess Match (2-8)
The historically fun game of chess incorporates knowledge, skill and determination. Devised in the 5th century, chess is the domain where the specialties of art, science and communication collide. This summer, experience the fantastic game of chess through gobs of games and using our latest technology. Beginner to advanced skill levels are welcome.
Instructor: Ryan Coffelt
12  Cooking with Robyn (4-6)
Learn how to cook and bake everyday items that you can make by yourself for your family. Taught in the PCDS kitchen by a professional chef, students cook and enjoy eating what they make each day--and sometimes even take yummy dishes home to share!
Materials fee: $20
Instructor: Robyn Kunze
12  Cooperative Games and Challenges (2-4)
Learn new classroom games that require a little teamwork and cooperation. Challenge your mind and body to solve problems, and find success with new teammates each time. Can you work with others following directions or taking the lead to help your team be successful?
Instructor: Travis Thomas
12  Crafts Galore (2-4)
Do you have a love of crafts? Then this is the class for you! In this class, campers will be introduced to different crafts based on a book read aloud to the child or a book they read independently. The instructor will model the craft for campers and they will use their creative skills to make the craft come to life!
Instructor: Sarah Prado
12  Crochet Creations (6-9)
Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you'll have fun with the projects in this class. Students that are new to crochet will start with small stuffed yarn creatures, and move on to more advanced projects that include making flower squares. You'll be proud of the special keepsake created with your new skills!
Instructors: Johana Bautista, Charlene Whitfill
12  CSI  (5-8)
Are you interested in learning about how to solve a crime? Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) will be the class for you! As students take on the role of investigator we will cover different areas of science, such as physics, biology, chemistry, and earth science. We will establish what happened and identify the responsible person, using problem-solving skills. The ultimate goal is to develop a higher-order thinking skills, which students will utilize as they debate using their found evidence. *Different cases will be used in different sessions*
Instructor: Jessie Clemente
12  Dance Dance Dance (3-4, 5-6, 7-8)
Dance brings out the best in children, exploring new ways of expression, creative problem solving, rhythm and fun. Our first week we will explore different dance styles including: ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, musical theater and choreography, learning technique and the essential distinctives of each style. For the second week, the dancers will help choose two styles for our focus, all building toward a fantastic, final "number!" The class will challenge dancers to explore new motor, creative and thinking skills crucial for both dance and life. Join us and... get your Dance on!
Instructor: Tracy Puddy
12  Digital Art (4-6)
Do you Like to draw but don't want to use paper? This just might be the class for you. Or, take your drawings and recreate them digitally make them pop of the screen and into an exciting digital image. Digital art focuses not on photography but your artistic talents into a digital form.
Instructor: Peter Pagnotta
12  Dino Diggers (2-3)
Explore the world of dinosaurs through art and science. Participants will be able to do dino-mite crafts and experiments as they learn about prehistoric life.
Instructor: Sean Harvey
12  Don't Lose Your STEAM (4-6)
In this project-based learning class, the emphasis will be on all things Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math! We will work with wires and batteries to make a bulbs light, we will create Ferris wheels and roller coaster with all types of materials that ask us how can I make this work? What could I change to make it work even better? From Volcanoes and Sundials, to slime and butter Science is awesome!
Materials fee: $10
Instructor: Kim Farr
12  Fractured Fairy Tales (2-4)
Fractured Fairy Tales is a writing class for students who love writing and enjoy reading fairy tales. Campers will take various fairy tales and change certain aspects of each story. Some changes may include: telling the fairy tale from another point of view, re-working the language to update it, changing some of the events, switching good and evil characters around, changing the setting to modernize the story, mentioning and incorporating characters from other fairy tales and other fun and unique changes. This is a highly creative workshop and will include illustrating each fairy tale. Campers will create a book over the 2 week session to take home.
Instructor: Remi Braca
12  Frisbee Fun (7-9)
Learn how to throw a frisbee and play various frisbee games: ultimate frisbee, frisbee golf, Can Jam, and others! Come and improve your disc throwing skills, expand your knowledge on throwing techniques, and explore different ways to create a disc golf course. No experience is needed.
Instructor: Travis Thomas
12  Gaga Ball (4-9)
In this course we will learn to play the high-energy and fast-paced game known as Gaga Ball. This game can be summarized as "dodgeball with a couple twist" that make this an easygoing and competitive game for everyone involved. There will be a mixture of solo based and team based games to ensure everyone has fair play and opportunity to succeed.
Instructor: Daniel Gomez
12  Games Ancients Played (4-6)
Let's play the ancient way! Build strong mental strategies to logically defeat your . . . friends! GO! Senet. Owari/Mancala. Patolli. Backgammon. All over the world, since prehistory, maneuvering, plotting, and proper scheming on simple and elaborate boards or even the earth itself have been the pastime of many. We will "tour" games of strategy from China, Mesopotamia, West Africa, the Middle East, and Mesoamerica. In reverse, we will also play modern, detailed board games that mimic the ancient building of civilizations. Catan. 7 Wonders. Civilizations. (All games will be board based.)
Instructor: Amy Blakeney
12  Games for the Mind and Body (6-9)
Fun with a purpose! Class time is used primarily to play games such as Taboo, Charades, Word Association, and other games of expression and quick thought to help students develop confidence, problem-solving abilities, verbal and physical expression, humor skills, social interactions, and more. Explore the importance of taking "safe risks," accepting and celebrating mistakes, and expanding avenues of communication, all of which can be valuable life skills. It sounds serious, but is centered on fun and a lot of healthy game playing.
Instructor: Keith Burns
12  Hands-On Ancient History (4-6)
Are you creative and intrigued by the mysteries of the ancient world? Then this course is for you! Ancient artifacts will be recreated into the modern and into students' homes! With short videos, readings, and discussion, students will survey a variety of artifacts such as Egyptian hieroglyphs, mummies, and cartouches. or cuneiform, pottery, and the ancient game of Ur from Mesopotamia.
Instructor: Amy Blakeney
12  Healthy Habits (2-4)
Learn how to create healthy habits that can easily be added into your everyday life! This class will include a combination learning how to make tasty and nutritious recipes, as well as getting in your daily exercise through upbeat workouts. Making healthy choices can be simple and fun!
Instructor: Travis Thomas
12  Hispanic Cultural Fun! (2-3)
Hispanic culture revealed! Spanish art, language, music, and dance are explored with a critical mind! Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Why not enjoy a very practical language and cultural class? Students will listen to short stories, create their own spanish story, cultural festivity souvenirs, play language development games such as "Loteria" with daily prizes, participate in group songs such as "Chequi Morena Chequi", "De Colores", and have fun with a little touch of dancing! Yes, students will learn the basic steps to dance La Cumbia (Colombia), La Salsa (Puerto Rico), and El Merengue (Republica Dominicana). We will also study "La Casa" vocabulary, recreating a room in a shoe box! You do not want to miss this opportunity! Si se puede!
Instructor: Jessie Clemente
1   Hooray for Clay (2-4, 5-9)
Let's dive in and explore 3-D art! In this class, we will create sculptures large and small, using air dry and polymer clay. It will be a fun, messy way to express ourselves! Due to the nature of sculptures often needing time to dry, week one of the class will focus on building our pieces, and week two will focus on decorating and painting/glazing them. All will be sent home carefully packaged at the end of the session.
Materials fee: $10
Instructor: Maria Roman-Monge
12  Indoor Soccer (2-4, 5-8)
Summer Soccer class will improve fundamental skills through drills and games. The class will focus on playing soccer in a fun, stress-free environment. The class will be indoors, and tennis shoes are required.
Instructor: Carlos Vicuna
12  Indoor Team Sports (2-4, 4-9)
Boys and girls will develop their teamwork skills, focus, coordination and learn game strategies for a variety of indoor team sports. Examples include tchoukball, team handball, court hockey, and wiffle ball. Instruction is organized and managed by experienced coaches who utilize drills, small group activities, and scrimmages in order to make classes educational and fun. Each class takes place in an air-conditioned gym.
Instructors: Nikki Gomez, Carlos Vicuna
12  Intro to eSports: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (6-9)
Are you interested in the virtual world of gaming? Competitive eSports, or "electronic sports", is an AIA-sanctioned sport and is growing nationwide. In this class, students of any skill level will learn the basics of competitive Super Smash Bros Ultimate including tournament rule-sets, character-specific skills, shoutcasting, general gamesense and strategy, and healthy sportsmanship.
Instructor: Ridge Hall
12  Intro to Strength Training (7-9)
An introduction to the world of barbells and dumbbells! The primary focus of this class is to become comfortable with a loaded bar for the first time. Namely, we will be introducing the 3 "Power Lifts" - aka the Back Squat, the Bench Press, and the Dead Lift. These 3 movements are widely considered the foundational "Strength" movements. Not only will learning them be directly beneficial to health and performance through the development of baseline, full-body strength, they will also serve as a great jumping off point for the rest of our weight room movements. Students will learn the movements very gradually, progressing from empty bars, to lightly loaded work, before coming to and recording a baseline "max" in each of the major lifts. This will help direct training within more advanced programs down the road. Additionally, students will learn a host of accessory strength movements using the widely versatile dumbbell, as well as continue to develop core strength and stability!
Instructor: Daniel Gomez
12  Journey to Japan (2-4, 5-8)
Have you ever thought about traveling to Japan? Or what might it be like to be able to read a Japanese manga? Students will take a once in a lifetime tour of Japanese culture and learn some fundamental reading, writing, and speaking of the Japanese language. Students will have the opportunity to learn some of the three different alphabets that their Japanese peers learn, travel by train to different places in Japan, and learn what schooling is like for their peers over in East Asia.
Instructor: Ian Hodor
12  Kickball (2-4)
Ready to develop your teamwork skills, focus, coordination and learn game strategies? Boys and girls have fun learning a variety of skills while enjoying the game of kickball Instruction is organized and managed by experienced coaches who utilize drills, small group activities, and scrimmages in order to make classes educational and fun. This class takes place outside.
Instructor: Nikki Gomez
 2  Kids Yoga and Fun (2-5)
Through engaging yoga games and activities children learn breathing techniques, yoga poses and movement in a fun, nurturing environment.
Instructor: Beri Golding
12  LEGO City (3-5)
Students will engage their creativity, curiosity and problem solving through the building of a LEGO city. Students will work together to decide what buildings the city needs and how to create them, becoming small-scale urban planners as they execute their designs.
Instructor: Remi Braca
1   LEGO Robotics - Spike Prime (5-8)
Join us to explore the exciting world of programming the autonomous LEGO Spike Prime robot and tackle various obstacle challenges. No prior experience is necessary – bring your enthusiasm and creativity for a fun-filled learning experience!
Instructor: Maki Fullerton
12  Let's Paint with Bob Ross! (6-9)
Are you up to the challenge? Oil painting has never been more fun as we follow Bob Ross's instructions to paint a very happy landscape.
Materials fee: $15
Instructor: Johana Bautista
12  Marine Biology (6-9)
Get ready to explore the underwater world with hands-on activities constructing marine food webs, understanding the quirky lives of marine creatures, and learning how we impact these ecosystems even from the desert!
Instructor: Jackie Nord
12  Math Measurement Madness (4-6)
Students will use hands-on materials and math games to review and reinforce measurement concepts. This course will cover a variety of measurement models such as standard and metric measurement, area, perimeter, angles, time and money. Students will enjoy this highly interactive course while learning essential mathematical skills.
Instructor: Kristine Stevens
12  Math: Add It Up! (2-3)
This course strengthens the student's conceptual understanding of mathematics and provides ample time for drill and review. A complement to the regular mathematics curriculum, it's specifically designed to consolidate the mathematics skills that students need to proceed to the next level.
Instructors: Jessie Clemente, Sarah Prado
12  Math: Manipulations (4-6)
This course provides students with an overall review of essential math concepts including multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and probability. Small group and individual instruction will include hands-on manipulatives, math games and strategies for problem solving. Students will be given valuable strategies for answering word problems by using a step-by-step graphic approach.
Instructor: Kristine Stevens
 2  Metalsmithing Introduction (7-9)
Learn to create objects and jewelry using fabrication techniques that take a simple sheet of metal and turn it into something special. Sample the fundamentals of metalsmithing, from designing and constructing earrings & key chains, etc. Learn about cutting, piercing, texturing & elementary fabrication.
Materials fee: $20
Instructor: Charlene Whitfill
12  Minecraft Challenge (4-6)
Minecraft Challenge is for students who have a Mojang account and enjoy creating worlds in Minecraft. Challenges will include replicating famous buildings in the Minecraft world. Students will plan and manage their time as they build their masterpieces, and present their work to the class.
Instructor: Peter Pagnotta
12  Mini Masterpiece (5-8)
Students will create miniature designs that delight and amaze! This class is for students with a creative spirit looking to explore new ways to express themselves. Projects will include painting on mini canvases, rocks, and nails. We will have fun developing our own motives using different supplies, tools, and lots of imagination.
Instructor: Johana Bautista
1   Mock Trial (7-9)
Hear ye, hear ye, the court is now in session. Participants will learn about the sources of law as well as the basic processes of trial advocacy and jurisprudence. Throughout the session, campers will engage in a trial of a fictional civil or criminal case by taking on the role of attorneys and witnesses for the plaintiff/prosecution and defense.
Instructor: Sean Harvey
12  Multiplication Mania (3-5)
This game-based class uses a variety of fun and fast-paced activities to help students learn multiplication tables and commit them to memory. The class focuses on multiplication facts from 0-12 utilizing flashcards, games and memorization strategies. Students in this highly interactive class will leave with greater multiplication proficiency and strategies that will benefit them throughout the school year.
Instructor: Kristine Stevens
12  Petit Francaise (2-3)
Students have the opportunity to practice and enjoy the French language through phonics exercises, games, and storytelling. The similarities between English, Spanish, and French will be explored, and students will become beginning conversationalists as they learn fundamental vocabulary, sentence structures, and greetings.
Instructor: Alvaro Otalora
12  Photoshop 101 (4-6)
Have you ever wondered how to make someone old look young? Does that dog really fly or has it been Photoshopped? This is the class for you. In Photoshop 101, learn the basics of photoshop and have fun making your photos look great.
Instructor: Peter Pagnotta
12  Racquet Sports  (2-4, 4-6)
Learn to play Badminton, Tennis, and Pickleball in this session of fun and development for all levels. Kids will be introduced to the basic underhand and overhead strokes, footwork, proper movement, and play strategies in a developmentally appropriate progression of instruction and drill. The camps are geared to all levels of play, from the novice looking for basic instruction to the experienced tournament players wanting to sharpen their skills. Not only will your child get to play a new racquet sport each day, they will get to enjoy fun, outdoor activities that promotes social interaction and team building. ac
Instructor: Molly Creagh
12  Reading is Fun(damental) (2-3)
Students will have fun using oral reading, choral reading, and comprehension exercises to practice essential reading skills.
Instructor: Lexi Gagner
12  Rhythms with Ridge (2-3, 4-6)
Students will explore and conquer rhythm through fun arts and crafts! The students will learn how to write out rhythms on the page by using various craft materials to compose their own unique rhythms. The class culminates with each student not only performing their composition, but teaching their piece to the class to perform together.
Instructor: Ridge Hall
 2  Sewing for Beginners (5-9)
Beginners learn basic sewing fundamentals by hand and machine. Students will learn how to cut fabric and sew fabric pieces together, creating functional pieces of sewn art in a fun and relaxed environment. Sample projects may include a pillow, pajama pants or shorts.
Materials fee: $20
Instructor: Charlene Whitfill
 2  Skateboard Deck Design (3-6, 6-9)
In this class you will design your own skateboard deck. You will learn the basics of design, and experiment with different techniques. Every camper will be given a blank skateboard deck, and the time and freedom to make it their own. Please note that the decks are decorative and cannot be skated on. Techniques that will be covered include trace and transfer, collage, stenciling, and acrylic pen painting.
Materials fee: $15
Instructor: Remy Barnes
12  Space Camp (6-9)
Prepare for liftoff and to explore infinity and beyond at space camp! We will be blasting off into outer space learning about space exploration, constellations, and even building and launching our own rockets!
Materials fee: $10
Instructor: Jackie Nord
12  Spanish Ninos (2-5)
The first step to learning a language is to become comfortable with oral communication. This course focuses on listening and speaking skills for beginning and intermediate students of Spanish. Fun, technology-based activities are used to reinforce and expand students' real-life communication skills. If time permits, the class will review grammar and reading lessons.
Instructor: Alvaro Otalora
12  STEAMing Ahead! (1-2)
The mission is to explore different countries connecting engineering design challenges with S.T.E.A.M. Travelers will be able to take what they learned from their adventures around the world and create different projects along the way using Science, Technology, Engineering , Art and Math. Are you ready? Let's go!
Instructors: Katerah Layne, Raquel Thomas, Silvia Estrada-Mariscal, Katerah Layne, Raquel Thomas, Silvia Estrada-Mariscal
12  Story Writing Comes to Life (4-6)
Do you have a passion for art and stories? Then this class is for you. Students will get to delve into their imaginations to create fiction or nonfiction stories and then bring them to life using comic strip computer software. A sense of wonder, artistic exploration, and sharing a love of writing will come to life for students.
Instructor: Ian Hodor
 2  Strike a Pose: Yoga (5-9)
Yoga is so much more than being able to touch your toes! This all-levels yoga class will teach students the fundamentals of yoga including how to breath, be mindful, compassionate while increasing strength, flexibility, balance and energy. The class will introduce basic poses as well as more advanced sequences appropriate for any yogic background. Yoga should feel fun and not intimidating and this yoga class will feature fun music in a non-competitive environment perfect for anyone interested in trying yoga or falling more in love with it!
Instructor: Beri Golding
12  Surf's Up! (1-2)
Have fun while reinforcing reading, math, writing, and research skills. The beach theme lends itself to a relaxed and productive learning experience. Students "surf" between classes in small groups "pooled" with daily hands-on projects, snacks, and free-choice activities. Individual support provided on a regular basis by experienced elementary school faculty members.
Instructors: Lisa Lecocq, Melanie Usher, Brie Thomas
12  Swim and Pool Games (2-8)
Through various drills, students work to improve skills on the four main strokes, with proper technique, safety, and fun emphasized. Also included is an introduction to turns and pace clock use. Games include water polo, pool basketball, swimming races, water baseball, Marco Polo, and Treasure Hunt. All games are designed to encourage exercise and teamwork and develop students' swimming skills.
Instructor: Ken Barcinas
12  The Amazing READING Race (2-3)
Students will go on an exciting adventure through different genres of literature. This course will help develop and strengthen reading comprehension skills, critical thinking skills, and fluency. Through various activities, students will be on the right path to become purposeful readers.
Instructor: Sarah Prado
12  The Art of Nature (3-5)
In this class, we will use nature as an inspiration to create art! We might recreate the Aurora Borealis with tissue paper or use colored beads to create a forest. The outline of a "dandelion" can become a "Dandy Lion"! This is a hands on class in both drawing a bit and creating with different mediums to make nature come alive.
Instructor: Kim Farr
 2  The Art of Snail Mail (5-8)
This class is for anyone who loves arts and crafts and sharing their creations in a thoughtful way. You will learn all of the basics of handmade card making, and experimenting, with different materials and techniques. Every camper will design and create their own set of unique handmade cards and envelopes. Techniques that will be covered include stenciling, stamping, collaging, watercoloring, and mixed media.
Instructor: Remy Barnes
12  The Eras of Taylor Swift (5-8)
From Debut to Midnights, campers will listen and analyze the different song lyrics by Taylor Swift. Campers will listen to different Taylor Swift songs and look at the lyrics through a poetic lens to see if they can find figurative language, imagery, rhyme, etc. Campers will also work together to finding the different themes and meanings behind her songs. If you are lover of song writing, music, and Taylor Swift, this class is for you!!
Instructor: Remi Braca
12  The Ocean and What Lies Beneath (4-6)
In this class, we will explore all things ocean. We will use a variety of mediums to create ocean creatures such as squid, sharks, whales, crustaceans with yarn, clay, paint, and even make a scrapbook of our ocean findings. We will learn about the different animals and creature s that survive in the warm and cold oceans as well as the different levels of the ocean. If you love the ocean this class is for you!
Instructor: Kim Farr
12  Urban Matters: A History of Cities (4-5, 7-8)
What makes cities work and why do we live in cities? This course will look at the institutions and infrastructures that have allowed human societies to live in urban enclaves throughout history. We will examine 2-3 case studies or urban planning through movies, mini-lectures, and discussions. Throughout the course, students will design a city using software and build models of important pieces of city infrastructure.
Instructor: Sean Harvey
12  Volleyball (2-4, 4-9)
Boys and girls have the opportunity to focus on improving skills, game strategies, and teamwork. Instruction is organized and managed by experienced coaches who utilize drills, small group activities, and scrimmages in order to make classes educational and fun. Each class takes place in the air-conditioned gym.
Instructor: Molly Creagh
12  Wild Weaving (3-5)
Campers will learn to weave, knot, and manipulate materials to create bracelets and other fun creations! We will be using different types of beads, embroidery thread, yarn, and string. Not only is it a unique craft but the concentration needed for creating bracelets is used for meditation and stress relief. Making bracelets is a fun DIY craft that's easy to learn and easy to take with you anywhere. Campers will be documenting new weaving styles and techniques in a booklet to take home after camp.
Instructor: Lexi Gagner
12  Wood Shop! (7-9)
Students will learn the basics of wood-working, safety protocols, use of tools, and construction as they create their own take-home piece of craftsmanship.
Materials fee: $15
Instructor: Keith Burns
12  Writing Wonders (2-3)
Students will write in a variety of genres to help foster a love of writing. Daily prompts will facilitate brainstorming, and students will work alone and with partners to generate writing ideas, identify important parts of a story, learn to use colorful words, develop good story beginnings and endings, and improve their spelling skills. Daily writing and illustrating activities will culminate in a booklet to go home at the end of the session.
Instructor: Lexi Gagner
 2  Yo Ho, Yo Ho! The History of Piracy and Buccaneering (4-6)
Weigh anchor and set sail for a course on the Golden Age of Piracy. Through mini-lectures, readings, and discussions, we will explore the economy, politics, and culture of pirates and scallywags. Students will produce maps, build ships and forts, and create a historically-informed pirate persona and biography.
Instructor: Sean Harvey

Class offerings and instructors are subject to change.